Sparking Passion & Performance with Rewards Programs Designed Just for You


The Incentra difference is our strategic partnerships with key recognition incentive and recognition providers like WorkStride and Inspirus, allowing us to create for you the most personalized and customized rewards solution possible.


Incentra helps you create effective, scalable and affordable rewards programs and platforms that spark employee engagement, performance and sales growth. Here are a few examples of our client results:

  • 67% increase in engaged employees for a 40,000-employee healthcare organization
  • 360% sales increase in a three-month promotion for a sales incentive client
  • 40% savings in awards purchases for a major pharmaceutical client

Here’s what we deliver to you:

Personal and Objective Consulting – We partner with you to uncover the everyday opportunities to create a performance culture of passionate employees, salespeople, and leaders.

Customized Solutions – We’ll then provide the blueprint of what your technology-driven rewards solution will look like, customized specifically to meet the distinct needs, conditions and brand tenets of your organization.

Technology that’s Faster, More Scalable, and Affordable – Technology like our WorkStride platform is highly configurable. So our ability to create the program that fits your needs – layout, programs, approvals, etc. – keeps your start-up and ongoing costs to add or change programs, lower.

Ease of Use for Every Stakeholder – Employees will jump in and use your site with ease from day one. Managers will be empowered to confidently and effectively lead the recognition effort. Lead admins and managers will be trained to manage the program, update content, create new promotions, pull reports, and more. Incentra covers it all.

Critical Communication and Training Support – An integrated reward and recognition platform won’t engage your employees without their buy-in. So we build in a communications and training plan that speeds adoption, ensures manager engagement, builds community, and increases participation year after year.


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January 31, 2015

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