Changing to Incentra is Easier than Expanding with Your Current Vendor

Changing to Us is Easy


 The Incentra difference is our custom rewards technology solutions, which build out in 8-12 weeks and are fully configured to your needs. Switching to us is far easier than working with your current vendor for a “canned” solution that often takes 8-12 months to build.


We continue to hear horror stories of how long it takes for other major vendors to set up an integrated recognition system. . .oftentimes 8-12 months or more. Even for current clients. So switching to Incentra rather than staying with your current is the smart solution. And here’s why:

Technology that’s Faster, More Scalable, and Affordable – Technology like our WorkStride platform is highly and quickly configurable. So our ability to create the program that fits your needs – layout, programs, approvals, etc. – keeps your start-up and ongoing costs to add or change programs, lower.

Personal and Objective Consulting – We partner with you to uncover the everyday opportunities to create a performance culture of passionate employees, salespeople, and leaders.

Customized Solutions – We’ll provide the blueprint of what your technology-driven rewards solution will look like, customized specifically to meet the distinct needs, conditions and brand tenets of your organization. And then we’ll build it faster than anyone else.

January 31, 2015

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