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Our strategic healthcare experience taps into hundreds of healthcare programs, including hosting the Best 2015 Recognition Program in the country for one of America’s largest healthcare systems.


If you consider yourself to be an early adopter of strategic recognition solutions, then you’ve come to the right place to take your organization’s programs to a new level. We know how to build programs that ignite a culture of employee engagement, critical to elevating the patient experience, driving HCAHPS, and improving reimbursements.

Here’s how we help you create the perfect recognition solution:

Experienced Healthcare Consulting – Using our award-winning healthcare recognition program building expertise, we partner with you to uncover opportunities to create an engagement culture that will impact employees, their managers and leaders, as well as patients and their families.

Customized Solutions – You’ll never be put in a box with other healthcare organizations. The technology-driven recognition site, communications, and eLearning we provide will be built specifically to meet the needs of your people, programs, rules, brand, patients, and culture.

Gather Patient Input and Recognize Seamlessly – Our WorkStride technology includes a mobile tool that allows patients and their families to thank employees that have cared for them in a special way, and then turn that feedback into trackable recognition in your award system.

Critical Communication and Training Support – We build in a custom communications and training plan that speeds adoption, ensures manager engagement, builds community, and increases user participation year after year.

We can help you integrate virtually any healthcare reward, recognition or incentive program, including:


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January 31, 2015

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