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Sales Incentives


We integrate complex sales incentive programs into a one-stop destination for your sales team, customized with your company's brand, rules, approvals, award levels and incentive rewards. 

To put it simply: We do the work, and your sales organization gets the credit!


Managing a lot of moving parts? That’s a rhetorical question. Let’s just say your world is why we specialize in building sales incentive programs that make your job easier. We’ll help you align your sales channel members, keep your products and services top-of-mind, motivate the employee behaviors that drive sales, and track actionable activities and results. Work with Incentra, breathe deep and reap the results!

When we build a sales incentive program for your organization, we deliver:

Personal Sales Consulting – You know what you want to accomplish with your incentive promotions, but it’s likely you’re looking to jump to the next level or improve your sales rewards technology. Our experienced team offers personal sales consulting, aimed at uncovering opportunities for our leading technology to improve your existing incentive programs.

Customized Solutions – We provide the blueprint of what your unique, technology-driven rewards solution will look like, designed specifically to meet the distinct needs, conditions and brand tenets of your organization and sales channel.

Faster, Flexible and Affordable Technology – Rewards technology like our WorkStride platform – which integrates sales recognition, incentives, and rewards – is highly configurable. Our ability to customize your site – including the user interface, sales submissions tools, leaderboards, social participation, reporting, and rewards choices – keeps your start-up costs low and gives you the ability to change programs on the fly to adjust to market conditions.

Ease of Use for All Channel Stakeholders – We create easy-to-use views for every level of your sales team that deliver incentive programs, reporting, and sales submission and claims tools. Incentra then provides comprehensive training for lead admins and managers that teaches them how to manage the program, update content, create new promotions, pull reports, and more – we cover it all.

Critical Communication and Training Support – An integrated sales rewards and recognition platform won’t engage your sales channel if you aren’t capturing mind-share. Incentra builds in a communications and training plan that excites and engages your sales channel members, maintains awareness, motivates behavior change, and sparks results.


Sales Incentives Primer 

January 31, 2015

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