Appreciative Inquiry for Those Looking to Create Performance Programs
that Break New Ground

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a positive way to embrace organizational change based on this assumption: Every organization has abilities that work right—policies, programs, behaviors, practices that contribute to the overall health, vitality, and success of the people in an organization as well as its customers. AI looks at what is right in an organization and creates a new vision of what may be possible.

Once “what is best” is discovered, we’ll help your team to envision new possibilities and potential that impact strategic rewards and recognition.

Appreciative Inquiry has four distinct phases:

Discovery – a search to uncover what works best and how that excellence relates to rewards and recognition. This phase is based on a deep dive and appreciation for the positive aspects that have contributed to the success of the organization. An affirmative probe into the organization, DIscovery is a collaborative effort involving all levels of management, employees, and even customers.

Dream – an invigorating exploration of what “might be” in a rewards system. This is a time for people to envision the possibilities and potential within their workplace setting and to push the boundaries. The goal of this phase is to generate a hopeful and positive engagement and a clear vision for incentivizing employees in the future.

Design – involves making decisions about “what should be” within your strategic rewards model. Together with your team, we will facilitate the deliberate transformation of rewards and recognition systems, strategies, processes, and structures to fully align the positive aspects of the past and the envisioned future.

Destiny – a series of purposeful actions undertaken to nurture ongoing learning and support the continuous innovation of “what will be.” Though change can and will be impacted throughout all four phases of the AI process, the Destiny Phase is where personal and organizational commitments most significantly impact organizational change.

The outcome of AI is a program approach and technology that will be unlike any other in the country – truly a powerful system for outstanding people.

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January 31, 2015

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