Sales incentives

Ignite sales with an engaged sales channel.

Reach and engage your captive and indirect sales channel with effective incentives, promotions, contests, and training. The result? Loyalty and sales taken to a new level. Our technology lets you:

  • Run multiple, targeted promotions and contests to best impact sales and loyalty from a variety of channel partners.
  • Align your sales channel members and keep your products and services top-of-mind.
  • Motivate the behaviors that drive sales, and track actionable activities and results.

Our communications and training plan will help speed up channel adoption, drive participant engagement, and improve sales year after year.


10 Steps to Creating a Successful Sales Incentive Program

Whether you’re creating a sales incentive program for the first time or revamping a current program, a successful sales incentive program is crucial for motivating your sales team and driving performance. The effort put into developing a program will help a business reach its short and long-term goals. Here are the steps to developing an effective sales incentive program. Read More »

Sales Incentives and 2024 Sales Trends

Sales managers will be laser-focused on the effectiveness of their sales programs in 2024. Sales teams have had to adjust to a whole new world of processes and procedures. Managers are hoping they can transform these changes into winning sales strategies. So how will sales teams successfully capitalize on these changes in 2024 and avoid many of the accompanying pitfalls? Read More »

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