Health, wellness, and safety

Exciting solutions that create a healthier, safer workplace.

For a total rewards package that enhances the overall employee experience, look to Incentra. We help you implement wellness and safety incentive programs that create a happy, fulfilled workforce by recognizing and rewarding healthy choices and safe work behaviors.

  • A complete wellness solution that includes videos, challenges, self-reporting, and much more.
  • Recognize and reward behaviors that contribute to improving the health of your workforce.
  • Reduce insurance expenses and increase employee engagement.
  • Provide dashboards to monitor your key safety KPIs.

We also help clients integrate their safety incentive programs and communications on one platform. Engage your participants in the leading indicator activities that drive safe work.


Human Factors and Employee Recognition

We’ve heard a lot lately about human factors and the workplace. Traditionally, human factors were mainly associated with workplace health and safety. However, we have recently seen an expansion of this description as it is applied to the entire workplace environment. According to the Human Factors Conference 2019, “Human Factors is the scientific analysis of all of the elements that affect performance. It encompasses all aspects of the physical and cultural environment, as well as, individual factors such as stress, decision making, workload management and communication.” In other words, human factors play a key role in every aspect of our human capital management processes. Read More »

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