Employee recognition

Build a high-performing culture with engaged, passionate people.

Build a modern way to recognize employees' work and tenure, improve your culture, and increase productivity along the way. Our technology-based solution:

  • Integrates service awards, peer recognition, or a fully integrated recognition system.
  • Motivates individuals and teams, resulting in more employees who bring passion and joy to work each day.
  • Includes budgeting tools to plan and tightly monitor reward spend and dashboards so you can analyze all program activity.
  • Helps you identify ROI through improvements in employee engagement and retention.

We always include a communications and training plan that speeds recognition system adoption, ensures manager engagement, builds community, and increases user participation year after year.


4 Tips to Help You Gain C-Suite Approval for Employee Recognition

Campaigning for more employee recognition to a perhaps skeptical C-Suite can be a difficult task, but it can be made simpler with the right tools and evidence of value. This includes highlighting high-level benefits and results of your proposed recognition initiatives. Read More »

Generational Diversity: How to attract and retain employees

Each generation grew up in a very different time in history which has influenced their values, work ethic, and preferred work environment. With so many different generations in the workforce at the same time, it is essential that employers implement strategies to attract, engage, and retain a multigenerational workforce. Read More »

Budgeting for Employee Engagement and Recognition Programs

Most companies spend more money on recognition than they realize. Departments and individuals locally source awards, track down tickets to sporting events, and purchase pockets full of gift cards. Read More »

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