Employee recognition programs for healthcare organizations

Delight patients with engaged employees.

With a long and successful track record at some of America’s largest healthcare organizations, Incentra helps you configure a recognition system that ignites a culture of employee engagement – critical to elevating the patient experience, driving HCAHPS, and improving reimbursements.

  • Create an integrated recognition solution that will excite employees and engage managers.
  • Positively impact patients and their families.
  • The healthcare-focused technology-driven recognition systems, communications, and eLearning we provide are configured specifically to meet the needs of your people, brand, patients, and culture.

Our communication and training plan also helps speed up adoption, ensures manager engagement, builds community, and increases user participation.


Healthcare Recognition in 2024

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Showing Gratitude: 4 Ways to Thank Healthcare Workers

During and after the pandemic, many nurses experienced burnout. They left the profession, contributing to the nursing shortage along with an aging workforce and an aging population that increased the need for healthcare services. Here are four ideas that you can implement to show gratitude and thank your employees. Read More »

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