Engagement and incentive technology partners

One platform for all your employee recognition
and sales incentives programs.

Incentra offers world-class technology solutions, providing an efficient and effective way to manage your engagement, recognition, sales incentive, wellness, and safety programs. Our leading technology partners provide our clients with outstanding options for their individual business needs and goals.

Dash Solutions

Dash Solutions provides our clients with a comprehensive suite of engagement and payment solutions. Using Dash Solutions, we help our clients simplify and supercharge their business processes with versatile solutions, delivering value far beyond payment. 

workcentric logo

WorkCentric is a state-of-the-art platform that builds engaging and rewarding employee workforce experiences. Using the WorkCentric platform helps our clients align their workforce to company goals and values – enhancing productivity and work-life integration while boosting talent attraction and retention.

Inspirus starts from the premise that people should feel included, valued, heard, and connected, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or their race, beliefs, or gender. Our engagement platform helps organizations create a positive workplace culture, delivering on the promise of employee fulfillment and business success.

CSI International provides a proven road map for a recognition solution that will deliver measurable, goal-driven results. This model leverages the power of non-monetary peer-to-peer appreciation and social recognition. From there, we structure additional levels of recognition and define awards and supporting software functionality.


Today's Technology Makes Workforce Recognition and Engagement Easy

Managing and monitoring a Workforce Recognition program is now easy, because a well-designed system essentially runs itself. Program stakeholders can instantly monitor program activity and results by clicking into an administrative portal that features a dashboard with real-time reporting and graphs that address all recognition activities. Read More »

More than 1,000 organizations have improved their business performance using these leading employee recognition and sales incentive technology solutions. Let us help you!